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CUBA 2020

New and Improved Itinerary!


Our 5 years of leading14 tours to Cuba we continue to improve our itinerary.

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After much decision-making we've decided to complete change our site, moving to a different platform that is more friendly to laptops, tablets and phones, but will also work on desktop computers. It will also be leaner and cleaner, and easier to navigate. So, the makeover will take a little longer, and will also roll out as we develop different sections, so we don't have to wait until all is finished to let you know what tours and offerings we have. But as with our original makeover idea, we continue to operate our custom and small group tours. Give us a call, or email, for your special journey.



Nature Travel Specialists believes that travel is most enjoyable when it expands the horizons of both visitor and visited, when both give and receive from each other. With this in mind we design itineraries that enable you to explore the natural areas of the world, in the company of English-speaking local tour guides who know their country and region intimately. Whether your preference is to spend an hour watching your first wild orangutan, explore a coral reef, raft a rainforest river, get married on a pristine beach, or simply see what a country has to offer other than city life, Nature Travel Specialists can design your vacation around your interests and activity level. You can join an inclusive, ready-made small group tour, have us design a custom itinerary just for you, or if you’re still at the “what if” stage, simply call for free advice — we’re here to help, with expert destination and travel knowledge.

Nature Travel Specialists works with selected companies and individuals around the world who are dedicated to providing the best, most authentic experience possible. The best travel experience includes a pace that lets you enjoy what you are seeing in depth, without rushing. That let’s you ask your guide a question, and get personal experience and facts, not guesses, in response. That places you in the best location. That reduces travel and service time, so your vacation is spent doing what you enjoy, not standing around waiting to do it, or always moving somewhere else. The best experience has flexibility built in — it’s your vacation, not ours. Lastly, we believe the best experience surrounds you with people that are genuinely glad to share their natural and cultural heritage, and are genuinely glad that you are visiting them. People who are doing what they want to do, because they enjoy it.

We are a small, specialized company, not your normal do-everything travel agency. We specialize in general and nature travel and wildlife tours to Australia /Tasmania and New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, South America, Cuba, Peru, Guyana, Central America, Thailand, Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. We also have a birding tour section. While our emphasis is on the natural world, we can and do organize all aspects of your travel, including air arrangements. Whether your personal style is 5-star all the way, backpacking on an open agenda, or somewhere in between, you’ll get the same personal and detailed attention from us, regardless of your budget. It’s your vacation, and we want you to enjoy it your way, not ours. We look for interesting cruises that permit plenty of time on shore, and we can even help with getting married and weddings in Australia and New Zealand.

We also believe that families - both parents and kids - benefit when traveling together to the world's wild places, and so we don't think vacations at theme parks are parents' only options. We match ages, interests and energy levels to destinations and activities, to produce natural history, adventure or cultural family travel that is enjoyed, not endured, by everyone.

We do not produce expensive brochures (which just add to your cost of travel), but suggest itineraries and talk to you via the web, mail, phone and, in Alabama, in person. Once we've talked to you personally we'll produce a written draft itinerary for you, complete with information about what you'll be doing, where you'll be staying, and what you'll see. We also produce a personal web-based itinerary, complete with photos and links so you can explore your destination, and what you'll be doing and seeing for yourself.

Nature Travel Specialists is a member of IATAN, the International Association of Travel Agents Network, which is comprised of travel agents endorsed by the International Air Transport Association, and ASTA, the American Society of Travel Agents. We're proud members of The International Ecotourism Society. Importantly, we are Tourism Australia accredited Premier level Aussie Specialists, Outback Specialists, and accredited Specialist for every Australian state and territory. We're also Fiji Matai, Peru and SingaporeSpecialists. We carry one million dollars of E&O insurance, including terrorism coverage.

We hope to hear from you. Please click on the link below for your preferred destination, or look in our Directory for detailed information.


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